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If you're interested in studying linguistics and language, we may be able to help you find a great college.

Linguistics is essentially the study of language form, such as the grammar, syntax and phonology of a language; the meaning of languages, including semantics and pragmatics; and the history and evolution of language. There are numerous variations and specialties under the broad linguistics subject.

Student doing homework outsideLinguistics graduates may work in a variety of fields, such as teaching at various levels (university classes to individual training), writing, editing and researching, or translating and interpreting. A good road to follow for college students is to major in a second field to complement their linguistics training. Typical second majors could include a foreign language, psychology, education, information technology, philosophy or journalism.

The study of language and linguistics is very specialized and not every college offers a good program. But if you want to become a linguist, you need the right training.

It's not an easy field. And it certainly isn't for everyone. But it can be an interested and rewarding field for the right people.

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